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At Nintods, we design playthings for kids from the mind and heart of a pediatric doctor, knowing how a toy can inspire play and enhance development.

We’re all about... Expanding the Horizons of Play!

Parents are often faced with a wide range of options when it comes to toys for their children. From the latest fads, to the most popular bestsellers… it can be hard to know what to look for.

We’ve been there! We’re parents ourselves, and we know how hard it is to figure out which toys are going to keep your kids meaningfully engaged. That’s why we came up with Nintods.

Nintods was born when two mother’s met with a vision to create toys that enhance early developmental skills such as motor skills, problem-solving skills and social skills. Our toys encourage a child’s natural curiosity while also providing them with the tools they need to flourish in their everyday lives.

We make skill-based toys because we believe that kids should be able to play with toys that interest them, regardless of age.

With our line of development-focused toys, your child will be able to strengthen their critical growth skills so they can take on the world. From tummy time to speech Nintods has got you covered.

And don’t worry! We also have plenty of freeplay toys, play guides and more; there’s something for everyone!

Our products are designed to be engaging and rewarding, so that children will enjoy learning new skills while having fun playing.


Renita Chawla

Renita comes from a human resource, consulting and product background, with leading MNC’s like KPMG and Airtel. As a new mum she spent copious hours researching to find quality products that aid in her child’s development. A frequent corporate traveller she came across development friendly play brands across the world and was fascinated by the industry; unable to identify such products in India, she decided to create a brand mother’s could truly rely on to get the basics right – quality, design and trust.

Ankita Arora

Ankita is a paediatric physiotherapist with extensive neonatal experience at the country’s leading maternity hospitals like Cloud Nine and Apollo Cradle. She was often asked for toy recommendations by patients and even after a decade of experience, could only suggest a handful of products that would genuinely foster growth and development. With a vision to try and solve the problems being faced by parents, she started Nintods to make the products she truly desired her patients to have.